Leonardo Custom Fountain Pens

Custom Leonardo Pens: Explanation of Materials

About Blanks and pen finishes

A pen blank is the material that becomes the body or main barrel of the pen. The blank can be composed of many different types of materials provided it has the strength and integrity to withstand the machining that converts it into a pen.

Acrylic is a hard thermoplastic material that comes in nearly any color and pattern. This material can be polished to a ultra high gloss and is very durable and wear resistant.

The exotic woods offered by Leonardo come from all over the world. We have selected a nice variety of exotic woods and burls that offer a pleasing range of colors and grain variations. Since wood is a natural material, no two pens will look exactly alike making your pen truly unique. All of our wood pens are finished in a highly polished cyanoacrylate finish that is extremely hard and lustrous. This finish reveals every detail of the color and wood grain creating a artful masterpiece.

Tru-Stone is a material that is comprised of real stone mixed in a resinous media. This material is polished to a high gloss finish and unlike acrylic and wood, Tru-Stone has a unique "cool" feel similar to natural stone. Tru-Stone is highly scratch resistant and give the pen a very substantial feel and natural appearance that is not attainable in acrylic materials.

Our coffee bean blanks are made with actual coffee beans that are cast in a resinous material and stabilized. Due to the fact that the coffee beans are exposed at the surface, these pens are finished in a cyanoacrylate finish and then polished to an ultra high gloss. These blanks create a very unique looking pen that it sure to be a conversation piece.

Shredded money pen blanks are composed of actual shredded currency from the US mint that is cast in a resinous compound. After machining, these blanks can be polished to a high gloss finish. You'll find yourself studying these pens looking for words and numbers from the bills that they previously occupied.

About Pen Plating

The plating on metal pen parts serves several purposes: offer a stylish decorative finish; provide corrosion resistance; and increase the wear resistance of the various pen parts. Leonardo pens come in a wide variety of plating options depending on the style of pen.

Chrome plating is a finish most recognized from the automotive industry for over a century. Chromium is highly resistant to corrosion and scratching offering many years of durability. It is a highly lustrous, bright finish with exceptional clarity and reflectivity.

Satin Chrome is a chemically altered chrome finish which reduces its reflectivity offering a soft appearance. Satin chrome is finished with a coating to protect it from corrosion and peeling.

22k/24k gold plating utilizes the actual precious metal at a thickness up to 2 microns. Gold's rich appearance signifies class and makes a great accent on a fine writing instrument.

Gold titanium is a plating that looks exactly like gold but is actually a titanium plating that is chemically altered to achieve its gold appearance. Gold titanium is more durable than gold plating and will last for many, many years.

Black titanium, like its gold counterpart, is a chemically altered form of titanium that resembles a "black chrome" type of finish. It is a subtle color that is a great complement to other types of plating and darker pen blanks.

Platinum plating is a bright, highly reflective plating similar to chrome, but much "whiter" in appearance. Many high end rings are made from this precious metal, as it is exceptionally durable and last virtually forever.

Rhodium plating is a metal belonging to the platinum group of metals and has nearly the same coloring and luster of platinum. Because of its durability it is often used by jewelers to plate platinum jewelry. It represents the highest quality of plating offered on our pens. It is standard on many of the midrange and high end pens and is also an option used in combination with other plating on our top drawer pens.