How Many Lawyers Briefcases Do I Need?

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Fine Leather Lawyers Briefcases

About two or three lawyers’ briefcases will meet most of the needs of a litigation attorney. Owning multiple leather lawyer briefcases will provide the most flexibility and organization for the long haul.

To imagine the day of a trial lawyer, first think about what he or she has to physically tote around to Court, to client meetings, which sometimes take place away from the attorney’s office, and to out-of-town destinations. An attorney needs to get the maximum organizational features out of a lawyer briefcase, due to the demanding nature of the profession.

Speaking of organizational features, a lawyer may carry specific electronic tools, such as a computer (perhaps a wide-screen version), an iPad, iPhone, cell phone, voice recorder, etc. In addition, these electronic tools usually have batteries cables that need to be stored in protective pockets. A sturdy lawyer briefcase is essential to tote these items.

Additional organization features would include the ability to perhaps customize the space inside the briefcase. There are many lawyer briefcases that have permanent gussets which do not allow for wider binders and files, so the bag space is not so accommodating for space needs. A very flexible briefcase for an attorney is the B1140 Schlesinger lawyer briefcase by Korchmar. This lawyer bag has gusset dividers that lay flat, when not in use.

So why does an attorney need two or three lawyer briefcases, if there are such flexible lawyers briefcases out there? It gets down to wheels or no wheels, an overnight stay or not, as well as size/space requirements. Examples of times when an attorney may need a different style or size of lawyer briefcase are indicated below.

  1. Going to trial, usually requires a lawyer to carry mounds of legal size documents. For these times a large lawyer briefcase is usually in order, even a catalog case, which is an oblong briefcase with one large open space; it's great for toting legal files.
  2. Some attorneys, appreciate the traditional lawyer briefcase in hand held style, versus the wheeled bags; some also prefer the image of the lawyerly briefcase, while others appreciate taking the weight off the shoulders.
  3. Some meetings, perhaps with other attorneys, or with a client, only require a classic document envelope or an underarm briefcase.
  4. Many meetings require overnight travel, and it is necessary to accommodate clothing, documents and a computer.

The ability to have several lawyers briefcases for use in different occasions, will serve your needs and spread your investment over the long haul. Most professionals are more successful, when they have the tools and accommodations they need to do the best job possible, and several lawyer briefcases can provide this solution.

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