How to Find Best Mens Laptop Case or Briefcase Online

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Even today, there are many people who may be intimidated of using the internet, or just need the simple skills to feel comfortable with purchasing on-line. In this article, you will find out how to purchase the best men's laptop case or briefcase online. We would like you to start at!

Get a notepad and write down your requirements so you will not be swayed by fancy pictures and prices. uses categories that are very descriptive, so you can easily choose the exact type of briefcase you are looking for, i.e. flap over, double gusset, triple gusset, etc.

Mens Leather Briefcase Mens Laptop Case

Please answer the questions below in order to get your search started.

  1. Will you carry a laptop? If so, measure all 3 dimensions.
  2. What is your profession or your intention? (Observe others in your profession.)
  3. What is your body size? (Comfort, proportion and symmetry is important when selecting the best mens laptop case or mens leather briefcase for you.)
  4. What is your maximum budget, honestly?
  5. Will you travel with your briefcase? (Shoulder carriage, hand-held, wheeled, or detachable wheeled styles are available.)
  6. Will your laptop case or briefcase be used for non-professional activities, as well?
  7. How many pounds of contents will you carry?
  8. What style visually appeals to you?
  9. Is this a gift or a personal purchase?
  10. How long should your mens leather briefcase last?

Expanded Tips for Criteria

  1. Laptop Case Features: Now that you know your criteria, it's easier to type the correct key terms into Google, Yahoo or any search tool of your choice, examples: Men's Leather Briefcase classic, Men's Leather Briefcase Casual, Men's Leather 17 Laptop Case, or Men's Leather Flapover Briefcase ... you get the idea.
  2. Profession: Often a buyer is looking for a men's laptop case that is large enough to accommodate the fluctuating sizes laptops and electronic peripherals. As well as size and storage capacity, men are looking for a style which matches their personality or profession.
  3. Body Size: Typically, a smaller body frame carries a smaller bag, same for a wheeled bag. Also a taller person may opt for a hand-held version of men's laptop case. On the hand, as an option, he may want a detachable comfort fit shoulder strap. This criteria is important if you travel, because it's really about comfort for the road warriors. With that said, however, typically men are represented well with a bag in proportion to their body frame.
  4. Budget: This is probably the most important determining factor, because it can quickly limit your choices. You do not always get what you pay for, but more often than not, you do! Once you have this question answered you can really narrow down your choices, as most all excellent online stores offer price range search. You can find good quality briefcases from $150 to $1,000!
  5. Travel: Travel frequency and mode are important because your men's leather laptop case or briefcase must fit the travel compartment requirements on the plane or train. Also you we are required to be considerate of other travelers and their space needs.
  6. Flexible Use: There are detachable wheeled or convertible style laptop briefcases that convert to boardroom briefcases.
  7. Construction: If you are a lawyer, for example, and carry a laptop, large heavy binders and documents, you would benefit from a steel framed laptop case or catalog case. Depending on your needs, a lighter frame or even no hard frame is acceptable.
  8. Style: Make sure your laptop matches your style, personality and profession, i.e. old school, modern, sleek, traditional, classic, designer label.
  9. Gift: If you are searching for a men's laptop case or briefcase as a gift, we suggest that you enlist your recipient in the selection process. This is a personal gift of notable expense and they will appreciate your including them in the process.
  10. Endurance: This is where the manufacturer warranty is comes into play. Manufacturers are not responsible for baggage handlers' misuse of your luggage. Tip - do not check your briefcases and wheeled laptop bags! A well constructed briefcase will stand the test of time and you will not have to call the manufacturer for broken handles, unraveling stitches, broken locks, etc. However, be sure to purchase from a reliable retailer that extends the original manufacture warranty on the bag.

Find it online! Now that you have your criteria, have fun and plug your terms into your favorite search tool, i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Nextag, etc. to find your perfect men's leather laptop case or briefcase.

Final Tips and Warnings

  1. Know your requirements.
  2. Know your desire and style.
  3. Know your budget.
  4. Call the company prior to purchase, if you are uneasy.
  5. Realize that you will most likely find a better briefcase online than in department stores, at a better price!
  6. Trust! Honest, sellers are online with excellent business standards and are ready and waiting to please you!
  7. Communicate! If you do not see a phone number on the site, do not do business with this company. You may have to leave a message, and while this is acceptable, your call should be returned within 24 hours or less. Also if you have reservations about the company, go to and research them.
  8. Feel comfortable about the inside picture of the briefcase, if there is no inside picture, call and get verbal description and measurements.
  9. Read return policies. If detailed return policy is not easily found on the site, do not purchase from this seller. A normal retail policy is 30 days, plus manufacture warranty.