Are Messenger Bags Manly?

Article by G. Kaplan

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Are Messenger bags manly? You bet they are! Moreover, we see more men using messenger bags than women, these days. A modern day messenger bag usually comes with a 1/2 flap or full flap over and is worn across the shoulder to the hip. The traditional messenger bag can also be called a mail bag, mens bag, shoulder bag and book bag. The book bag is a popular bag for student campus.

Since the 1950s this type of bag was used by utility linemen to carry their working tools whle climbing utility poles. This type of bag is often referred to as a mail bag, as they have been used by the Pony Express riders, postal workers. In New York City, the bags were adopted by bicycle messenger companies. I understand the UK Royal Postal Service uses the messenger style bag to deliver the post. Since most of the workers were men, we do think messenger bags are very manly! Certain styles are even referred to as a "man bag."

With that short history in mind, we wanted to bring to light the fantastic features in the modern day leather messenger bag, so that male and female travelers can effectively evaluate whether a messenger bag may be more suitable than a more traditional carry on or laptop case. Having sold many messenger bags, we thought we could provide useful tips that may help you to evaluate this type of bag.

  • Size matters: Messenger bags come in all dimensions, but usually a north/south or east/west version and can weigh anywhere from 2 lbs., usually maxing out at 7 lbs, empty!
  • Closure: Messengers may feature magnetic closure, others are equipped with computer safe magnets for the laptop messenger models. Other closure options are are tie down, buckle down, snap down or just a flap. On the flap-over models, most feature an additional snap underneath the flap or another type of securement.
  • Strap: Most straps are adjustable, but not all are comfort fit or contoured strap to protect the collar bone and chest. Strap width is important and is in direct relationship to the weight and size of the bag. Straps may come with a non-slip shoulder pad that will also absorb shock. Straps tuck inside and hide away or detach so the case can be hand carried.
  • Material: Messenger bags are made of Italian or cowhide leather, man-made leather, canvas, waxed canvas, nylon, ballistic material, and cloth. Again, this is an issue of weight and image/style.
  • Lining: Messengers feature suede leather lining or finished leather lining, others provide nylon or a washable ballistic fabric. My personal favorite would be a washable nylon lining.
  • Organization: Most modern messenger bags provide organization for cell phone/blackberry, media, pens, mail/file compartments, even a computer laptop.
  • A Laptop Messenger Bag: may contain a dedicated laptop compartment which has bottom and side protection for the carriage of a laptop, compartment sizes vary, but most accommodate the 12 inch and 15.4 inch laptops. Others will carry your wapping 17 inch laptop screen! Keep in mind, sellers advertise the laptop sizes by measuring the screen width diagonally, so be sure to get out your ruler and physically measure your laptop, all 3 dimensions and compare to the inside laptop compartment dimensions. Many models feature a north/south or vertical storage for the laptop. Also add the weight of the laptop to the weight of the bag your are considering to determine if this is agreeable to you and still falls within the airline weight regulations, it should not be a problem.
  • Man Bag: This type of messenger can also be referred to as international bag or a man purse. Typically this model is a leather messenger style bag which features an organizer for a mans personals, i.e. wallet, cell phone, passport, documents, etc.
  • Backpack Messenger bag: A few models out there will convert to a backpack for those of you who do not want the shoulder to hip carriage.
  • Quality: Look for very tight machine or hand stitching and quality hardware if straps are detachable.

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