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An affordable mens designer briefcase can be found! There are designers other than Coach, Gucci, and Armani that target the business community. We are speaking to business professionals that desire a briefcase which makes a statement, yet is affordable.

In our day, when we pay $4.15 for gasoline (7/28/08), unless we work for the "designer companies", most of us are searching for good value in a leather briefcase, which meets our needs and projects a desired image in the workplace. Based on my retail experience with thousands of buyers, I have made some observations I would like to share.

Definition of Mens "Designer Briefcase":

A mens designer briefcase, is made from the best materials, workmanship, has a good warranty, and is association with or is designed by a recognized name. The designer briefcase will usually carry the designer label in a specific location, or perhaps the shape or design is the designer's trademark. Questions to ask oneself when purchasing a designer labeled item:

How many products do I own with designer labels that are not made from the best materials and workmanship?
Do any of the designer labels I own, have a warranty? What is it?
Do my "designer" items look designer "ish"?
Do I want to be associated with the designer label I have purchased, and why?
Do I like my designer labels viewable or concealed?
Does my business require a designer label? If so, which label?
Does a "designer" label always equal quality?
How long will my designer label be recognized?
Do my peers recognize my designer label?
Will I have the same peers over the next several years?

Characteristics Found in Mens Designer Briefcases:

1. Signature:

What would the fashion world be without name brand? Name brand should be found somewhere on the briefcase! Sometimes it is on the hardware, on the bottom of the bag, right on the front/back/middle of the bag, in the lining, or added to a detachable tag or ornament. Designers are making their statement and venture to make name recognition a part of their brand.

2. Quality Features:

Quality is the utmost characteristic of a mens designer briefcase. If the designer is here today and gone tomorrow, this is not a good investment. Also, quality products can be found using man-made materials. But for purposes of this article we will concentrate on leather.

Top quality, soft, sturdy leather;
Bleed resistant leather, the leather should hold the stain/dye;
Weather resistant coating;
Washable or durable lining;
Steel or lightweight strong metal frame;
Sturdy screw locking system from the outside of most of the material, all the way to frame;
Frame should be built to support shoulder strap carriage;
Comfort padded, detachable shoulder strap;
Organization for essentials, cell phone, media, pens, files;
Bags should be footed or gusseted in a way to protect the bag when placed on the floor;
Tight stitching everywhere;
"Cutting edge" design;
Access should be practical;
Padding for laptop compartment;
Few closures, they should be sturdy enough to do the job;
Signature or brand label should be understated and tasteful.

3. Target Buyer:

Designers will often target entertainers, but the savvy designers will also target the "business community" by designing a top quality mens briefcase / lawyer briefcase. They should offer formal and casual styles, because capturing volume can be profitable in this country. Whether the target buyer is the banker, accountant, lawyer, computer executive, salesperson, real estate agent/appraiser, etc., professionals and workers need organization. Male buyers desire a mens briefcase that matches their status and intentions.

We continually search for recognized, dependable, quality suppliers that provide "cutting edge" designs targeted to the business community year after year, decade after decade. We draw your attention to a couple of understated, labeled, quality mens designer briefcases: Mens Lawyer Briefcase and Mens Designer Briefcase.

Of these luxurious designer briefcases, the briefcase below, on the left is made by family-owned Korchmar, who has catered to government executives for many, many years. The second lawyer briefcase is made by Jack Georges, and both are classic mens briefcases. Both designers offer excellent warranties.

Affordable Designer Briefcase, Jack Georges 7505 Affordable Designer Briefcase, Korchmar B1140

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