A Laptop Bag is Not Just a Laptop Bag

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Leather briefcases, laptop bags and cases

Today, many briefcases accommodate a laptop computer, therefore, laptop fit should be a minimum expectation when purchasing a new leather briefcase. There is only one exception, and it would be if you have managed to escape the "plugged in" status! If this is the case, congratulations! The purpose of our article / review is to help buyers realize that a laptop bag is a mobile office; your laptop case could be your personal lifeline away from home; it is your purse; it is your briefcase; your laptop bag is your identification; it is an extension of "you" and therefore your laptop bag is not just a laptop bag!

A fine laptop bag is certainly a very personal investment. Just like with any personal investment, most of us will first do some minimal research to see what kind of laptop bag is out there, then we try to assess our needs, desires, space requirements, personal preferences and budget. We attempt to provide a roadmap with a supporting checklist to uncover your options and share some tips that should assist you in making a healthy investment in a laptop case.

There are several types of laptop bags and each can be transported differently. We suggest you choose your preferred method of carriage of a laptop bag first, then go forward with our checklists as your foundation for making a sound purchase that you will be happy with for years to come.

With respect to the laptop carriage, nearly every mens laptop bag offers a removable laptop sleeve or built-in padded laptop compartment.

Hand held laptop cases

Korchmar B1140 Classic Lawer Briefcase, Laptop Case

Jack Georges leather briefcase Sienna 7505 Black

  • Laptop Cases / Laptop bags - The laptop case is defined, loosely and universally, as an oblong encasement that holds a computer and files. A laptop bag can take other shapes and many styles so it is possible to veer from the "case" when discussing a laptop bag or computer bag. The laptop bag encompasses sizes, shapes and styles, whereas a case is a case, more oblong, usually.
  • Styles: Traditional computer bags come in soft, hard case, expandable, organizer, wide, single, slim, double, triple quadruple gusset styles.
  • Laptop size: Most laptop bags accommodate the 12 inch and 15.4 inch laptop screens (usually measured diagonally, however you must measure the 3 physical dimensions prior to purchase). Be sure to check the inside dimensions of the compartment for the laptop, since the size of same, is the #1 reason for the return of a laptop case for most vendors. The term, 17 laptop case, is for the extra wide laptop screens (usually measured diagonally). Always double check the physical inside, laptop compartment dimensions prior to purchase. Laptop bags will be advertised as vertical, horizontal, north/south or east/west.
  • Closure: Laptop bag closure can be flap over, partial flap over, full flap over, top entry, top zip.
  • Materials: Laptop bag material can be Italian leather, cowhide leather, nape / Napa leather, Ostrich leather, alligator leather, snake skin / snakeskin leather, exotic leather, distressed leather, manmade / man-made leather, non-leather / non leather, leather trim, cloth, vinyl, polyester, waxed canvas, etc.

Suggestions for hand-held category: If you travel a lot, we suggest purchasing a laptop case with feet (some styles have raised gussets that will stand in for "feet") and scratch and water resistance protection, if made of leather. Cases tend to run larger and heavier than other styles. Therefore, make sure the strap itself is comfortable, and wide enough to support the size of the case and its ultimate weight. Make sure the shoulder pad is adjustable to the length of your body measurement, removable, with sturdy manual metal clamps. Make sure the case itself is reinforced well enough at sides to support strap carriage and ultimate weight. A fine laptop bag will exhibit fine stitching of the seams. Laptop bag frames can be light weight to heavier weight metal or more cutting edge material that offers similar durability to metal, but lighter. The material your case is made of is not just an aesthetic choice but one of budget, lifestyle, and duration. Did we forget to say that you should never, never check your briefcase? If you absolutely are stuck on a tiny airplane model prop and you are 6 feet or taller and airport personnel expect you to only carry a purse or wallet, we suggest you check your fine leather briefcase, only if you pack it inside an airport approved cardboard box and document "ad nausea" in detail on baggage check documents, should you need to file claim if the bag should become damaged. (Did we forget to mention there is something called travelers insurance, best purchased privately?) Last, but most important, what is the warranty? Look for top brands that have been successful for at least several years, the more the better. Never purchase a laptop case without a manufacturers warranty if you pay more than $100.

Mens Bags

Piel leather man bag mens organizer bag

  • Mens Bag: Why is it a "mens bag?" Well, of course, in our world of man- and womankind everything is possible, but typically this category targets those willing to carry a bit heavier bag, sometimes by hand, and it usually comes in one to three colors, if not just black. The defining characteristic usually is the weight. These bags, usually cases, can weigh from 5 to 9 lbs without contents. Popular features with men in these heavier mens laptop bags tends to be good strap reinforcement, frame strength, top or easy access, sometimes locking mechanism is important (key or combination), size and finally weight. The category often branches to the wheeled category.
  • Man bag: "Man bag" is a designer-inspired, targeted term and there are many wonderful "man bags" on the market. Designers quickly picked up on the fact that men, like women, also need an organizer bag. The man bag became popular in the U.S. as we began to see more and more men who carry them internationally, and eventually the term "international bag" was coined. They come in sizes, shapes and materials. The common feature is they offer organization features, i.e. media, credit cards, cash, documents, and sometimes a laptop, either vertical or horizontal. Man bags come in shoulder bag, messenger bag and hand carriage styles.

Womens Laptop Bags

Womens Jack Georges leather briefcase Milano 3204 Blue

  • Laptop Cases
  • Laptop Totes
  • Laptop handbags / laptop purses
  • Unisex

Suggestions for Womens Laptop Bag: The most important consideration for a lady, speaking for ladies, is carriage. It is important to consider your body frame and height. Good health requires us to consider the constraints we place on our limbs. The same rules apply as with Mens laptop bags. Consider your actual space /weight requirements for travel, then trim those down. If you must, carry a wheeled bag when you travel. Consider getting an overnight, wheeled laptop case. You have the advantage of tucking your laptop computer into the wheeled case prior to check-in, at which point, you may remove your laptop and place it in your carry on, laptop tote, while perhaps tucking some files from the wheeled case into your tote. As we know, you never check your laptop, mainly because its a very expensive asset, which may not even be owned or insured by you! Alternatively, there are laptop handbags that accommodate smaller laptops, your cell phone, media and personals. Make your "checkable" wheeled case do the work. Wheeled laptop cases are discussed later in our article in detail. Now that you have decided on size and space requirements, the fashion world is your arena and you are in charge, so enjoy the many materials, designs and styles to choose from. Quality is what matters. Ladies, almost always, want a footed tote or case. A great alternative is to do away with a handbag, carry a laptop tote and go for a weekend wallet (id, credit cards and stash for cash).

Shoulder laptop bags

McKleinUSA Womens Deerfield 94780 leather laptop tote bag

Suggestions for Shoulder laptop bag: The word "shoulder" says it all! The above suggestions with respect to proper protection of the shoulder apply. Consider body weight, frame, weight of laptop computer, bag, and contents when opting for a shoulder bag, whether messenger style of right or left shoulder. For the ladies a laptop tote bag can double for a handbag, whereas, a laptop handbag may not always double as a laptop tote. Laptop messenger bags offer the ability to shift some weight across the body so that you can carry a bit more, if you are less concerned with style and more on the utility side of your checklist, although there are many styles offer some flare.

Laptop Messenger bags

Jack Georges leather laptop messenger bag

Suggestions for Laptop Messenger Bag: Check out our article with short history of the "mail bag": Are Messenger Bags Manly?

Messenger bags are rather typical in style, always a flap-over style, worn across the shoulders, left to right or right to left. Today, messenger bags are shaped and padded specifically for the laptop computer, either north/south or east/west, sometimes referred to as vertical laptop case or horizontal laptop case. These are excellent choices if you are happy to check practically everything and simply need to carry on your laptop, cell phone, media, and personals. The most flexible option is a messenger bag that converts to a shoulder bag carriage, or sling bag.

Wheeled laptop cases

Korchmar wheeled leather laptop case Z1092 Jack Georges wheeled leather 17 laptop case Elements 4857 Jack Georges leather wheeled laptop case Milano 3854

Suggestions for wheeled laptop cases: When you consider the wheeled laptop cases category, you have opened up many more options. More size offers added mobility and "check ability or check ability" on the airplane. Wheeled options are varied, you can readily find your required size, material and desired weight. Please do plenty of exploration. This is a category that often incorporates not only laptop carriage (we encourage swapping laptop into your hand carriage prior to check-in), but overnight clothing storage. Often referred to as a wheeled suitor, or wheeled laptop overnight case, some wheeled laptop cases are expandable, organizers that feature laptop carriage. Some are detachable cases, convertible to backpacks or briefcases. Others offer heavy document carriage such as a catalog case. Many times the catalog case will offer built-in laptop cushioning, or at very least offer a laptop sleeve. Laptop sleeves are purchased very inexpensively, and many times come with the bag. Wheels are most important, they should be large enough to support the weight of the bag, and should roll in forward and backward motion. Some four-wheeled bags offer movement in any direction, which offers the most flexibility when maneuvering down airplane isles. The wheel housing should be recessed to adhere to carry-on height regulations. The handle should extend to different heights with one-hand operation, and preferably hide away when not in use. Wheeled laptop cases should always have at least one handle for hand carriage at top, preferably a side handle, as well.

Convertible laptop bag

Korchmar leather trim backpack organizer briefcase

Suggestions for Convertible laptop bag: The convertible computer bag is all about hands free laptop carriage. The convertible option is intended to assist mobile professionals with the long haul and protection of your personal or company investment. Things to consider when reviewing the convertible options, are lifestyle, business image, body frame, your weight and size, the weight of the bag with contents, strap features, and expandability. Some convertible laptop bags are wheeled, while some detach and convert to a hand-held briefcase. The detachable versions allow you to carry on the wheel mechanism, while retaining access to the detachable case during cruising speeds.

The good news is, there are so many choices and options available. Many bags offer excellent construction, craftsmanship, fashion, and comfort. Enjoy all your options, as we retailers are following all of your moves, while we keep you looking great!

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